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International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) 2013: NEW DATE!!!!!!


The Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) informs that the date of the admission test (IMAT) to the Laurea Magister in MEDICINE in English has been set for APRIL 15th, 2013.

At the moment, we have no further info on the matter, but – unofficially – this is what we think that might happen:

1) By a specific date (yet to be defined) towards the end of March 2013, interested students will be asked to enroll to the IMAT exam via Internet, exactly like it was done for the IMAT 2012.

2) There will be no need – at this stage – to present bagruiot and psychometric test results to the IIC in Haifa or in TLVnor to ask for a Student VISA @ the Italian Embassy in TLV. Interested students will only have to fly to Italy to take the exam @ their chosen University (choice made by enrolling to the IMAT exam via Internet: see graph below). Perhaps, if we are all VERY LUCKY, it would be possible to take the exam in ISRAEL, without flying to Italy.

3) By the end of April 2013 the result of the exams will be published. At this point, accepted students will be required to follow the enrollment procedures @ IIC Haifa or TLV and then to ask for a Student VISA @ the Italian Embassy in TLV.

4) Instead, those who have not been accepted to MED SCHOOL in English, will be – most likely – allowed to try the admission test to MED SCHOOL in ITALIAN (to be confirmed). Proficiency level in Italian required: B1 threshold or intermediate).

This is all what we know/can guess at the moment.

We shall keep you posted, ASA we will received further info from reliable sources (MIUR).




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